WHO ARE WE: Rasmus Nervall


You might have seen some posts about Nordic Scaleups, our Sales Program and perhaps heard of our Boot Camp and Growth Program? But who are the people behind the scenes?

We will let you know who the people that will be supporting you throughout your time with us are! What better way to start than with our beloved CEO and founder of Nordic Scaleups, Rasmus Nervall?!


Rasmus Nervall, born and raised in Lund, have besides a Master’s degree in Organizational psychology and Business & Administration as well as several Leadership courses and Project management studies, managed to spend over 11 years with Adsensus AB. Seven have been spent as CEO of Adsensus and he has been a partner since 2008. During his time as CEO, Adsensus has proudly been appointed a Gasellföretag by Dagens Industri, a total of three times. Rasmus is also on the board of several startups and companies in different industries.


Rasmus does! He has been passionate about changing the view on sales for a long time and his interest and involvement in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship, such as ATE – a Sales Program founded by Adsensus together with Ideon Innovation – made him leave the role of CEO for Adsensus in November 2017. He did not leave for nothing, as he then rebranded ATE Sales program and founded an affiliate to Adsensus – Nordic Scaleups!


He is currently climbing Kilimanjaro, but when he isn’t there, you can find him at Adsensus office at Stora Södergatan 8B in Lund. If he is not in our offices coaching entrepreneurs, mentoring, lecturing or having workshops, he is most likely away meeting Incubators, Accelerators and people involved in the Startup-scene! Is it after 5pm? He might be at some mingle or network-meet up, discussing the importance of interacting with the market and working with sales. You might run into him!

If he isn’t in our offices, on a mingle, on a sales meeting or somewhere trying to climb Kiliminjaro, he is most likely out in nature, exercising, hiking or spending time with his daughter. Fear not! You can reach him at +46 70 743 15 43 or rasmus.nervall@adsensus.se to discuss everything from sales to running. Give him a call!


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