WHO ARE WE: Axel Larsson

It’s time again! What you have been longing for: The next Portrait! This time, we will introduce you to yet another Partner at Adsensus, as well as Partner and Head of program at Nordic Scaleups – Axel Larsson!

Who is he?

Axel Larsson, born and raised in Lund, started working part-time at Adsensus in 2013, as he was finishing his Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics. He started as an assistant project manager until he became a full-time project manager in 2014. Due to his vast passion for sales, he became a partner at Adsensus in April 2016.

Besides being a part of Adsensus’ growth, Axel is one of the co-founders of madmap AB and above all was one of the founders of Nordic Scaleups.

Too much info!

Don’t worry, use a CRM-system! In his role at Nordic Scaleups, Axel is one of the coaches and the Head of Program, but also Adsensus’ very own CRM-expert. When joining us, Axel will teach you the ins and outs of a CRM-system, to make sure you know how to store all the information you want and need!

If you want even more information regarding our program, Boot Camp and other things unrelated to his life, then Axel is your guy! You can always swing by our offices and see if he is here or give him a call at +46708492388!

Don’t like talking on the phone? Axel.larsson@adsensus.com is his email and feel free to add him on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/axellarsson/!


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