In this blog series we present companies that have taken part of our programmes.

Renjer Snacks AB attended our Sales Program during October – December 2017.

Renjer Snacks is a food company that produces dried meat snacks out of game meat. The company was founded in April 2017 and they are based in Lund. Check their website out here.

They present their thoughts from their adsensus experience:

The sales program by Adsensus was the best thing that happened to our start-up company Renjer Snacks AB and also to us personally.

Regarding our company, it was the first time that we received a proper and comprehensive sales training, from cold calls, to mail to sales proposals et cetera. Furthermore, we were constantly motivated by the Adsensus coaches to step up our sales game a little bit further every day. This not only helped to increase our sales overall but also to structure our CRM systems in a more organised way, which makes it in general much easier to deal with a large number of customers. Today we send out professional proposals when we present an offer to our customers and we also know how to keep track of our customers through HubSpot.

Enhanced operation

Personally, we got so much more confident during the program, both in cold calls and in personal meetings. This newly gained strength will aid us in so many various aspects of our lives and we are extremely thankful for that. Every start-up company (or also established companies struggling with sales) should take the opportunity for this program if they want to reach the next level doing sales and finally add a structure to the whole process. Apart from that, the atmosphere in the Adsensus office with many talented, young people is simply so unique and motivating, that you naturally also want to achieve a bit more every day.

Higher revenue

The sales programme of Nordic Scaleups has boosted our revenue massively, this may sound like a lot but our sales were 400% higher in January 2018 than in December 2017. We can partly thank our new products for this but the support of Nordic Scaleups has been invaluable.

After the sales program we stayed at the Lund adsensus office and we are still there! If you come for a visit to the office, ask for Renjer and say hi to us!


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