WHO ARE WE: Alexander Rydberg

It’s not just Friday, but also a chance for you read the story of another member in the Nordic Scaleups team!

Who is he?

Once upon a time, in 2007, Alexander Rydberg turned 29 years old. Not only that, he also joined Adsensus for what has been ten very successful years, as everything from Head of Coffee-making to Account Manager and COO. In 2010, he not only turned 29 for the fourth year in a row, but also became a partner at Adsensus and is now part of the marketing department at Adsensus, where he primarily works with copy-related questions.

Some people like things the way they are. Alex is not one of them! To him, reading, reflecting and developing are key factors in order to enjoy work life. This is something you will realize when joining our Sales Program, as Alex will make you reflect on your organization, values and your key messages!

How can he help you?

In an attempt to ensure that entering the job market were going to be an incredible challenge for him, Alex first studied Literature and then topped it of with Media & Communication. No one’s happier about that than the team at Nordic Scaleups, as Alexander is our very own expert at things like e-mail marketing, social selling and content marketing in general! When joining our Sales program, he’s the one who’ll ensure you get all the support and knowledge you need to maximize the effect of your content, marketing and communication!

When not at Adsensus or Nordic Scaleups, he spends the majority of his time with his two children, his wife and his dog!
Want help with content related questions? Send him an email at alexander.rydberg@adsensus.se!


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