Pej, one of Scandinavia’s most interesting startups, was one of the companies that participated in Sales Program during this spring. Pej offers innovative payment solutions for physical environments, which both increase order value and opportunity for customer integration, while being time and cost effective. Today you can find Pej in places like Malmö Arena, Surf Shack and SPG Arena.

We were curious about what the company’s CSO and co-founder, John Elf, had to say about the program after it was completed.

Why did you choose to join the Sales Program?

We had started our sales process but felt we did not reach our potential. We could also put our fingers on what was difficult but did not have the answers ourselves. In particular, we sought a new perspective on our sales process and new experience when we until the start of the program had only used assumptions, common sense and charm when we sold.

What do you take with you from these 8 weeks?

That a good sales process is not about keep your fingers crossed and hoping for the best. By staying in control and being clear in our communication, we can quickly find the right customer and help them make the right decision.

What do you think was best with the program?

In addition to lectures and workshops, we were given the opportunity to meet experienced sales people one-on-one and discuss specific customers and current sales processes. There is nothing in my opinion that gives as much experience as when transforming theory into practice. The insights from the conversation and subsequent sales meetings with the customer were extremely evolving.

What was your main result during the program?

Our skills and capabilities to make the sales process more efficient and to not land in the valley of death where we lose contact with potential customers, relying on emails and presentations instead of physical meetings.

Do you recommend the program to someone else?

I would recommend the program to those who have started selling but who encountered challenges and need help moving forward. If you are in a situation where you are processing more and more customers, but having difficulty responding to someone, the program will help you finish.

If you are interested in knowing more about Pej, here is a link to their website Interested in knowing more about the Sales Program? Head over to  


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